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What is Remote Viewing?


What exactly is Remote Viewing? It’s the ability see what’s beyond the accessible to the normal senses. The remote viewer is able to see beyond the present space and time. You can think of it as an extra-sensory perception, also known as astral projection or clairvoyance! Remote viewing can be used to access information that’s not normally available for those with normal senses. At times, it can even by used to predict the future. For instance, a remote viewer can describe a particular place on the other side of the world, a place they have never personally visited or seen before. The clairvoyant can even describe an event that happened years ago or may happen in the near future. Some may argue that remote viewing cannot be trained or taught, it’s specifically something you are born with. However, if you have been born with the skills of remote viewing, it can be improved through training, but you will need the basic extra-sensory ability as a talent, to begin with.

Some believe that remote viewing can be used without the person even realizing it! Remote viewing has been known as a form of “virtual reality traveling” or “astral traveling.” Nobody can really say it works 100% of the time, but there are some situations that have been proven to be quite accurate. Some believe that remote viewing and clairvoyants have been used during the 70’s through the 80’s for military intelligence reasons.

Can we develop remote viewing as an ability? Most may argue that you must be born with the ability in order to strengthen the talent. If you feel like you may have this gift, you can think of it as an experience that will change you or someone else’ life for the better. Trust your gut feeling! Only experience, time, and open-mindedness can help determine if you may be clairvoyant.