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Everyone knows someone or something that drains their energy. After interacting with these people, locations, or institutions, you feel wiped out. This could happen at work or home, with a loved one or someone you don’t even know. We all carry energy with us like a bubble or field, that interacts with those around us. If you deal with a crisis, or high-stress situations on a regular basis you are particularly vulnerable to these feelings. It is most likely that your energy will be attacked or affected unintentionally, as most people don’t realize that their emotional and spiritual energy is projected and can affect others. The best way to combat these draining feelings is through the guidance of a spiritual energy reader.


James Velasquez discovered a sensitivity to energy fields early in life. He performs Transformational Energy readings through contact with clients and photographs. After so many years of developing his ability to listen to and feel the energy around him, James has developed a strong track record of helping clients attain Clarity and Life-Energy Balance.


If you have unresolved issues with loved ones who have passed, James is able to help you gain awareness in difficult times. If you are feeling unsure of what path to take at an important crossroads in life, James can provide insight and help you hone in on your intuition. Life’s challenges often pit you against your conscience and James can help bring your human personality into greater alignment with your divine self. He can help you gain greater awareness and evolve.


All professionals who are tuned-in to the nature of reality have their own unique focus and process. That reality holds the understanding that all of us have free will and everything is understood as probabilities, James is able to focus on streams of energy and help you align with your best self. You are the authority in your own life. If you are open to these reality streams, James can help guide you, understand your motivations and feelings, and choose a course of action that aligns with your goals and desires.

The more you are able to open up to the process of understanding your life’s purpose and possibilities, the more in harmony you can be. James is ready and able to touch on these sometimes “mystical” seeming issues and guide you to your life’s true purpose. He can help you to experience peace, joy, and fulfillment by getting in touch with your soul’s potential and the Truth.

James Velasquez is a professional Psychic-Medium and offers Transformational Energy Readings. Being in touch with the intricate and subtle energies you experience on a daily basis has given James the ability to help you gain knowledge in difficult times, make decisions in your personal or professional life, and uncover your true potential.

Come in by yourself or with a loved one, and experience the difference of having James guide you. Find out what your Life Energy says about you. Call James at 210-315-2417 to schedule your appointment today.