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Psychic Energy Reading

Psychic Energy Reading

A reading begins with James greeting you personally at the door. You will be taken into James’s private and relaxing reading room.

Before starting the timer for your session, James will give you a few minutes to relax and become receptive to energy. He will inquire if there is a general question, goal, or focus for the session (i.e. relationship, career, loss, general reading). It is not necessary to go into detail at this time. If you bring someone with you, James will confirm the level of detail you wish revealed in front of the other person.

Please bring only clear photographs with you, no black and white photos, all of which can be on your cell phone. Make sure the person in the photograph is not wearing hats, sunglasses, so the reader can see both sides of the person’s face in the picture. I strive to provide you with the clearest connection as I can and seek to guide you through the often nuanced information that is revealed in a typical session.

As the reading starts, If an impression comes through as potentially “bad news,” James will relate it as gently as possible.

When the scheduled time frame is up, James will spend an additional few minutes to make sure you have understood the messages you have received.

How Transformational Energy Readings Work

I do not to fix anyone’s health, mental, medical or legal issues. I’m only here to provide a transformational energy reading and offer insight.

We are creators of our reality. Life is full of possibility, probability and potential. I provide a clearer connection to your path, and give insight and suggestion based on what I receive from the Source. I do not seek to control or interfere. I provide guidance and reveal what may be hidden to you.

You alone have the power to affect your life’s outcomes. I don’t tell you what to do or make decisions for you. My transformational light energy services simply provides clarity and guidance to aid you on your path. I will not tell you what you want to hear and I don’t traffic in glittering generalities. You are welcome and encouraged to think of a few areas in which you seek guidance. I see possible futures. Nothing is set in stone.

You alone have the power to take my guidance and act on it. I can let you know of a hurt that needs healing and offer suggestions. You are always in charge and can take or leave any of the revelations that come through. I look forward to aiding you on your quest. -James

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