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Frequently Asked Questions


People usually want to know “what can you tell me about me?” or “what do you see in my future?” or some specific question about their life or job or a loved one. I totally understand their reasoning in asking, they are curious about their lives and entranced by meeting a clairvoyant. My response is simple: When I’m not doing a formal reading, I keep myself closed off. Otherwise, I’d be perceiving everyone’s everything which would be incredibly draining and exhausting. Even too much joy is exhausting. Think about going to a party or concert you really loved and how worn out you were at the end.

All things are a gift from God. Whether you are a psychic, a teacher, a doctor, or a ‘widget maker’ we all deserve to make a living from what we have to offer.



Someone who is sensitive to forces beyond the physical world or what most perceive as “reality”. Psychic comes from the Greek: psyche which means “breath of life” A Sensitive (Clairvoyant, Psychic, Medium) is attuned to the vibrational and light energies of all living things. Just like electricity when you turn on your lights, you see the result, not the source. I am connected to the source.



Everything is connected. Something easily grasped when considering the global marketplace, or thinking about the journey your iPhone takes from being an idea or design to your pocket. Many people, companies, countries, and sources connect to make the product something you hold in your hand. I do not require direct contact to connect with you. I can tap into your energies from a distance and still provide you with the clarity you seek.



Just be relaxed and open to connecting. Be sure to share any photographs of individuals you are wanting to discuss or connect with at the very beginning of your in-person Reading. Cell phone photographs work fine just make sure the photographs you’ve selected have good light in them. No black and white photos or people with hats, caps, or sunglasses on.



Simply let me know as they come up and we won’t go there.



Primarily, you can become in tune with your most correct path and become aware of changes you may need to make, if any. You will become aware of any stumbling blocks on your path, and also feel more peaceful and powerful as the author of your life’s story.


  1. Medical related questions. I am not a doctor and legally I cannot diagnose illness.
  2. When you are going to die. There are too many probabilities to correctly give you this info. What would you do if you had 1 week, month or year to live? If you know the answer to that then you know a good deal about what you should be doing anyway.
  3. I do not pick lottery numbers. If I could I wouldn’t be doing this for a living now would I?
  1. I accept credit/debit cards on my website. There are Square Cash and PayPal button options on my website. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use the 100% secure online service. You can simply pay with your credit/debit card through the portal without setting up an account.