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What is Ascension?

Do you ever feel like you are experiencing chaos and disconnected with your surroundings? Do you have severe migraines, joint aches, stomach pain or extreme exhaustion and have trouble sleeping at night? These symptoms are commonly known as “ascension symptoms.” Every day, the human race and our planet Earth is in a transition. This transition can seem like uncontrollable chaos on a global and personal level. However, a new world and a new “you” may just become the results of this energy. Humans are being raised up in a strong energy vibration and this process can be sometimes uncomfortable.

People are constantly being “upgraded” to transform themselves and their lifestyle to invite in more love and light. This process is called ascension – consider reconnecting your ascended self to have access to the highest frequencies. In most cases, there are several physical symptoms that may arise during the process of ascension. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the cause is technically more spiritual instead of physical. Hence the term “ascending”, you are becoming lighter, expanding your consciousness and increasing your vibration. Ascension is an alchemical process that can be experienced through mind, body, and spirit. You will begin to notice things that no longer serve you will crumble and eventually dissolve, this can include jobs, relationships, habits, beliefs, or even your diet. When you hold onto the past, you are setting yourself up for a battle.