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What Does My Dream Mean?

Everyone has fascinating dreams which often leads us to wonder what it may mean. Many dreams are just the “leftover” results of some information we take in on the daily basis, those are the ones that tend to make absolutely no sense at all! Some dreams may simply be a reflection of both our desires and fears. For instance, swimming closely to sharks would obviously represent fear for most people, whereas winning the biggest lottery is what most folks would wish for. Dreams tend to contain spiritual messages. These dreams are basically predictions in nature and are one of the most common ways that spirit chooses to show us a glimpse of the future. Did you have a colorful, realistic and positive dream? Perhaps your guides are trying to tell you something important. Dreams tend to contain a lot of symbols! Check out the following most common dream symbols below and see what it may mean for you.

Flying: Everyone has had a dream of them flying at least once in their lifetime. Although it may be the most amazing dream a child can have, it can symbolize confidence, positivity, and contentment in an adult. Dreams of flying can also symbolize a recently emotional or physically stressful event.

Dying: Dreams about death or slowly dying might seem scary, but it doesn’t necessarily represent impending doom! These kinds of dreams tend to represent transitions, endings, big changes, and the process of allowing yourself to let go of the dreading past. If you do have a dream involving the death of another person, this may be a sign to show you that you should appreciate and care for them in reality.

Falling: Falling is one of the most common dreams people have. It may represent the feeling of helplessness, anxiety, insecurity or fear.