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Using Colors for Benefits

Using Colors for Benefits

Did you know you can use colors as therapy to unblock or heal the chakras in a very effective way? The chakras have a huge influence on your physical health, energy levels, emotional balance, and even your reproductive system? It can also support clear thinking, strengthen your intuition and spiritual well-being. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your chakras in perfect balance. Each chakra rules a different area of the mind, body, and heart. For most people, it can be quite easy to spot any imbalance. For instance, if you have immune system issues often, you may have an imbalance in your root chakra. If you find yourself having trouble speaking your mind, your throat chakra may need some attention. Each chakra is located in a particular area of the body and influence our energy flow:

Root Chakra: This chakra is located at the bottom of your spine and represents the color red. The root chakra physical health aspects include legs, feet, the groin, and the male & female genital areas.

Creation Chakra: Located in your pelvic region, it is represented with the color orange. This specific chakra affects your creative aspects and physical health of the pelvic area, the reproductive glands, hips and lower back.

Power Chakra: The power chakra is located in your mid-section/stomach. This resonates with the color yellow. It regulates power aspects and life force, including the physical health of the stomach and middle organs of your body.

Heart Chakra: Hence the name, it is located in the area of your chest and heart, it resonates the color green. This determines the physical health of your heart, breasts, lungs, upper back and emotional aspects.

Will Chakra: This chakra is located in your throat region and resonates with the color light blue. This controls free will, expression, freedom of choice and the physical wellness of your neck, throat nose, and mouth.

Intellectual Chakra: Located in the forehead area, it resonates the color indigo. This manages mental health aspects, intellect, thoughts and the physical health of your forehead, brain, and eyes.

Crown Chakra: Due to this chakra being located just above the head, it’s not necessarily connected to a particular part of the body. It resonates with the color purple. It regulates spiritual growth, intuition, your third eye, awareness and a strong connection with the universe.

Once you’ve located which chakra needs a support boost, select the specific color the chakra represents. Then, surround yourself with this particular color and quietly meditate with gems of the same color or place them on the area that needs attention. Try wearing this particular color of clothing, or eat more foods associated to the same color. Once all of your chakras are cleared and balanced, you’ll begin to feel more alert, energetic and intuitive.