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Tune into Spiritual Forgiveness


One of the most difficult psychic activities we often are asked to assist with is to help heal negative experiences from the past. This most often involves finding forgiveness – forgiveness of someone else or self-forgiveness. We are all a composite of our past experiences and those experiences can help us move forward or hinder us in the past. When we encounter roadblock after roadblock or find it difficult to motivate ourselves to move forward it is often because we need to find that spiritual forgiveness.

Forgiveness is difficult because it leaves us vulnerable. If we forgive ourselves for bad behavior or someone else that has harmed us, it leaves us mentally open to repeat that self-harming behavior or allow us to be hurt by someone else again. But, spiritual forgiveness is not about erasing the past and forgetting our lessons, it is about enlightenment and the release of negative energy so that we can move forward along our path using what we have learned.

Matthew Fifeforaite, author of “The Auric Forcefield” describes spiritual forgiveness as “ . . . changing radio stations from one genre of music—the energy of absolute judgment—to another—the energy of absolute forgiveness.”  He says once you tune into that Forgiveness Energy music, “You hear, sing along with, and dance to the music you like. The music called ‘Judgment Energy’ is no longer playing (active) in your life. It no longer exists.” This is the release your psychic medium will help you achieve to open you up to those new possibilities and be able to fully visualize your potential.

To practice spiritual forgiveness on your own, start by visualizing the person who has harmed you and surround them in your mind in a white light. Let this white light completely engulf them and purify their spiritual aura, devoid of any physical attributes or connections. Next, envision a pink light emanating from you and enveloping them. Hold that pink light there while chanting “Bless and Forgive” over and over until you can feel the positive energy flow back from them. If you need help connecting and completing this practice, a psychic medium can help. Remember that forgiveness is difficult, but necessary for spiritual fulfillment.