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the Power of Gemstones and Crystals

When it comes to beautiful gemstones and crystals, you don’t have to be a geologist to experience the magic. Most people may wonder how crystals or gemstones can help. Luckily, there are several ways to benefit from these wonderful stones. If you find yourself drawn to a specific stone, including its color, shape, texture or other qualities, the attraction you feel is just a beginning of its magical process. Some may think of it as the stone’s way of calling you to it in order to make contact. At times, a stone can be a gift for you from a loved one, one way or another, it’ll find its way into your hands. Pay close attention to how it came into your life, it’s the very beginning of a magical and new relationship. Thousands of metaphysicians believe that crystals and gemstones are ancient beings or life force(s) crystallized from the past. Some may believe that certain stones you have come in contact with are the same stones you had in your past life!

Nowadays, beautiful crystals and gemstones can be found at local retailers or wholesalers from all over the world. Business owners proudly present their stones, including where the stone was found. Some stones come all the way from Brazil! Some people are drawn to gemstones or crystals at its most raw form, where they are still rough in texture, while other stones are polished and modified. If you are thinking of using a stone as pendants, jewelry, or just a raw stone to always have with you, try wrapping in copper wire. Another exciting and fun way to work with gemstones and crystals is by setting up “crystal grids.” Grids can come in all sorts of sacred geometry patterns, which can easily be found online. One of the most popular grid designs is the Flower of Life and Mandalas.

You can find all of your crystal, gemstone, and grids online or visit your local gemstone shop in town. If you find yourself attracted or drawn to a particular stone or two, research its magical properties once you get home. You will be surprised to see how the stone’s definition fits into whatever you have going on in your life.