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The False Idea of an Ego – What’s Yours?

What exactly is an “ego”? – An ego is an identity that we have created from experiences, ideas, and thoughts we’ve formed. It’s the thing we describe when someone asks us to talk bout ourselves. However, it may be a false identity covering our true self – our “Soul Self”

One’s ego is built based upon past experiences. Its foundation is steeped by emotional actions and reactions. It can even sometimes be comprised of beliefs about our self. Some of these beliefs we accept, while some others are rejected. We have been sculpting this false self since childhood. If we listed all of our beliefs and morals trying to define who we are, we would have the structure of your ego. The ego is our achievements, abilities, and personalities – or lack thereof. Although these achievements, gifts abilities appear to be a part of the “self”, they are only characteristics of our personality, not are True Self. The ego is a building process of the mind. It is the false or fake self.

Our ego is active and very engaged in every little thing we do or say, it plays an important role in the projection of our character. If left uncontrolled, it can create pretty intense emotional drama in our life. Take a few moments throughout the day to think about yourself and who you think you are, and wish to be. A great way is to write down or speak out loud who you believe yourself to be. These are simply representing the constructed ego or self-image of yourself. They can also be things that we cling onto when we feel hurt or difficult during relationships.

A person’s ego is like an onion! You can always peel away and the list of opinions are endless. The more we believe these things about ourselves, the more we reinforce these beliefs. Soon, they start to show themselves constantly in our everyday lives and are recognized in our behaviors and old habits.