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Starting Over

Starting over may not be easy for many, especially those who have been through a hurtful relationship or marriage, which leaves many guarded and finding it difficult to trust others.

Ask yourself if you would want to date a new person who just told you they are afraid of you and didn’t want to trust you? How would that make you feel? This is the energy being put out to new people, which makes for terrible chemistry for dating. Worst yet, the only person who would be attracted to this energy is someone who doesn’t care about being trusted, feared, or being loved by you. The very person you have been trying to avoid.

It is important that you put out energy of being hopeful about your life, it can be contagious with new people. 1) People are looking to be with someone special and positive. Never once have i heard a male or female say “I can’t wait to rush into a negative relationship.” 2) Don’t be fearful. You don’t want to make your new relationship filled with fear. You will feel what you project. 3) Act out of love and compassion. You want these two things mirrored back at you. 4) If you want to feel trusted, then it’s important to trust in others. Make sure the energy you are putting out is positive and hopeful.