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Spring Cleaning Tips for your Psyche

Spring Cleaning

The spring months are a literal and figurative time for rebirth and reawakening. As the brown grass turns back to green, flowers begin to bloom and the sunnier weather emerges at the same time the pandemic of 2020 begins to finally recede, we too begin to emerge from our self-induced cocoons and welcome back a sense of normality.  Spring is also a perfect time to initiate a psychic cleanse and prepare your soul, your psyche and your mind for a new year of motivation and success in your personal or professional life – or both!

Even before you can identify what may be holding you back, it is important to evaluate and cleanse your environment.  The space you are in – both at home or at work (which, these days may be the same space) – must be able to support your goals to move forward. So, before cleansing your psyche, look around at your environment. Is it in order, are pathways clear, is it welcoming for you and whomever it is you desire to have around you? Are there reminders of people, places or things that are blocking you from moving to the next phase in your life? These can sometimes be the most difficult to discard because photos or moments from our past may hold special meaning, but they may also root us in the past, which inhibits our ability to move forward.

Marie Kondo’s philosophy of only holding on to items that “spark joy” has incredible merit. Physical reminders of people or events from your past that bring sadness, dread or regret fill up our psychic space with excuses and existential lethargy that drain our motivation, sometimes to the point that we don’t think we deserve success or happiness. If you can’t bring yourself to throw these items away, remove them from your everyday space and put the in storage. Thank the people involved for shaping you and the lessons they taught – whether good or bad – and commit to honoring those lessons by using them to move forward.

Next, replace the empty spaces with symbols of growth (flowers, plants, motivational plaques or posters) or goal-related trinkets. For instance, if your desire is to travel more this year, scour flea markets or boutiques for items that represent the places you’d like to go. If you’d like to progress in your job or change careers, find photos of people you admire that have already achieved that success and put them in places that will remind you daily of that goal.

Most importantly, don’t feel like you have to do this alone. Sometimes, the items we have around us become so familiar and ingrained in our everyday environment, we don’t even realize the overall impact they have on our psyche, Invite a friend over as an independent set of eyes. Ask them to point out what they see and how your space makes them feel. They should be comfortable identifying specific pictures and objects and asking you what they mean to you – who these people are and what effect they had on your life.  Your psychic advisor can be helpful with this, too. Our intuitive abilities can pick up on the specific items that may be causing more harm than you realize and our outsider’s perspective may be able to zero in on those more quickly.

Whether you choose to evaluate and cleanse your environment on your own to prepare your psyche for a spiritual regrowth or enlist the help of a friend or professional, the sooner you release what is holding you back, the faster you can reach your goals. Make 2021 the year you achieve happiness and fulfillment from the inside and out.