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Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Spring is known for one of those times a year everybody attempts to bring renewal into their lives and change for the better. Perhaps we try to stop or change old habits by creating better, new habits. Ask yourself: have you ever tried to change for the better? If so, have you truly accomplished them? Everyone wants to make a change within themselves or their lifestyle, such as trying to lose weight, stop swearing or break their cigarette smoking toll. Although we believe in ourselves and the promises we make to better our lives, why can’t we seem to follow through? Most may argue that it’s hard to accomplish such goals because a new day means a new event is recorded in our subconscious mind, meaning we use whatever is happening at the moment just to get by. These events develop your habit patterns, building a foundation for who and what you are, including all habits whether good or bad.

A perfect example is a long-term cigarette smoker. As we all know, cigarettes can become quite addictive. A cigarette smoker does not have a habit until they have learned how to smoke. Once the habit of smoking cigarettes was programmed to your subconscious mind, it includes an emotional attachment. One with heavy cigarette habits tends to reinforce or in a way, defend, their smoking habits, trying to justify their bad habit. Strong will power acts as a temporary boost of mental adrenaline, it does not create permanent change. Try to take some alone time in a quiet, peaceful space and focus on the changes you wish to make. Avoid anything that prevents you from reaching your goals and keep your eyes on the prize by imagining how great you’ll feel after you have reached your personal life-changing goals. Learn to relax and release life-draining habits. Rejoice and enjoy the time of Spring by celebrating all of your accomplishments.