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Spiritual Cleansing for the New Year

Your Life's Direction

With the new year starting, it’s important to stay focused on bettering ourselves. However, how many of us really consider the spiritual “inner” self along with the mental or physical? Just like our cars trunks or homes, our spirit can eventually accumulate “junk” over the years, which needs a deep cleaning. One of the most common signs of an overdue spiritual cleansing is the overwhelming feeling of emotional clutter, heaviness, and restlessness. Just like when we tend to get depressed or frustrated when our home is a wreck, our spirit is no longer working properly, neither will we as a whole individual.

A great way to get started is to smudge your physical space with a healing herb such as sage or frankincense. It’s cost-effective, environmentally friendly and perfect for beginners. While burning the cleansing herbs, try to focus on pushing out all negative energies and memories. Smudging is very helpful and convenient, you can do this for any physical space such as work, car, home, and office. Another great way is to use essential oils to purify your space and energy. Lemon and lavender essential oil are popular for cleansing qualities. If you feel you’ve been neglecting your spiritual side, consider putting aside some time every day for practicing spiritual well-being. With just a few minutes of daily spiritual cleansing, you will be able to release stress and start to develop your own psychic ability, while strengthening your intuition. Spiritual cleansing works closely with our lifestyle decisions and overall wellness. This includes eating nutritious food, staying physically active, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough sleep.