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Removing Negative Energy from Your Home

Harmful or negative energy can sneak into our spaces at any time. If you are looking to cleanse your home of all unwanted energy, try using the smoke of burning sage. Known as an ancient Native American healing practice (also known as smudging), it is designed to help get rid of any negative energy. It can be used for your home, car, or even work office. If you find yourself feeling angry, frustrated or depressed, burning sage can help you clear your negative thoughts and start fresh.

How do I burn sage to cleanse myself?
Purchase your sage at the local store and place the sage in a bowl or similar object. By using a lighter or match, carefully light the sage. It will start to produce a small flame and continue to release smoke. Draw the smoke towards the area you wish to cleanse. While doing so, focus on what energy you want to let go of. How do I cleanse my home with sage? Similar to smudging yourself, you simply place the burning sage in a sea shell or bowl. As it continues to smoke, walk to each corner of the room. Purifying your aura and home are perfect when you need an easy and quick pick-me-up. If something isn’t feeling quite right or feel stuck with someone’s negative energy, smudging is your answer.