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Ways to Recharge Your Psychic Energy

Anyone who works in psychic services will most likely know what it’s like to suffer from low energy levels. Although most sessions can leave us feeling uplifted, psychic workers can sometimes feel washed-out or exhausted. In most cases, it’s not noticeable until after their healing work. For some, low energy can keep you from falling asleep easily, crave caffeine or some sweets. Check out some of our tips on how to pick up your energy! Naturally, easily and quickly.

Staying Clear with Crystals: Good old clear quartz can be hung or placed throughout your room, worn as jewelry to always have with no matter where you are. While quartz can boost your energy, Black tourmaline can absorb the negative energy. Try having one by your desk at work, it may help you from keeping sane on those hectic work days!

Cleansing Protection: Next time you have a session, try strengthening or protecting your energy before you start. Prior to meeting your client, mix two tablespoons of rock or sea salt in lukewarm water. Then, wash your hands and lower arms while you visualize washing the negativity from your body. Keep in mind, it’s important to release any negative energy to avoid keeping it feeling like it’s trapped.

A Good Night Sleep is Never a Bad Thing: Getting plenty of sleep is essential for anyone in the psychic field. Knowing your own sleep cycle can be a huge step forward. If you are the kind of person who benefits and loves to take short daytime naps, that’s not a problem. However, if you fall asleep during the day and find yourself laying wide awake at night, it’s best to stop that napping habit. Try sitting upright and straight on a hard chair or the floor to have a few minutes of silence and meditation.