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Psychic Signs: Messages From The Other Side.


There is a common story I’ve heard about a woman who visited her grandmother’s grave only
to find a bright, sparkling penny sitting on top of the tombstone. When she looked at it closer,
the date on the penny matched the date of her grandmother’s death. She called every relative
and friend she could think of, but no one she spoke to had left the penny there. Feeling
compelled to keep it, she kept the penny with her. Soon after, she would find more pennies,
each with the same date, in random places and often at times when she really needed some
comfort or encouragement.
My sister-in-law had a similar experience. She lost her best friend, Tracy in a tragic incident a
few years ago and was picking up Tracy’s dog after the funeral to take back home with her. As
she stood in the driveway with her dog talking to her friend’s mom, two Monarch butterflies
flew around the dog’s head and then around Tracy’s mom’s head and then flew off together.
(My sister-in-law has dark, almost black hair and Tracy had red hair. A mutual friend often
referred to them as “the red and the black” when they were in high school, so the correlation of
the monarch’s red & black colors resonated with her). On her drive back home with her friend’s
dog, my sister-in-law said another monarch butterfly flew in through her window as they were
stopped in traffic. From that point on, she saw butterflies everywhere. Whether or not they were
“sent” by Tracy, they comforted her. She still sees them and is convinced they are a sign that
Tracy is still watching over her.
Chances are, you know someone who has a similar story. A quick internet search will reveal
hundreds of stories attributing phantom smells, eerie coincidences, and divine interventions to
proof of spiritual guidance. As a psychic communicator, I can confirm that these are possible.
All life is made of energy and energy does not die. Native American cultures, ancient Chinese
medicine, Wiccan religion, Egyptian mythologies, and countless other historical legends and
histories agree on the interconnectedness of nature, life, and afterlife. If energy does not
pass on, then it is possible for our loved ones to use that energy to place mementos in our path
and to find ways to let us know they are still there.
So, how do you know if what you are experiencing is a coincidence, an everyday occurrence, or
a loved one sending you a sign? Rebecca Rosen, author of “What the Dead Have Taught Me
About Living Well” suggests that being open to the intention of the signs is the first step and
then recognizing a repetition or frequency of the same event can confirm that what you are
seeing is a message from the other side. Some common ways that our loved ones attempt to
communicate with us are:
Flickering Lights: spirits often find it easiest to manipulate electrical devices. You may find a
lightbulb gets blown every time you replace it, lights that flash at the same time of day in one
particular room, or television that turns itself on or off.
Phantom smells: Smell is the strongest sense connected to memory. For this reason, many
people report smelling cigars, a familiar perfume or favorite flower of a loved one or something
a loved one liked to cook.
Pets and Children: Have you ever found your dog or cat focused on a point on the wall or
barking at the door when no one is there? Animals have senses that are much more in tune with
their surroundings and can sense changes in energy much better than we can. Similarly, young
children are more open to accepting what they may see out of the corner of their eye than we
are and can be much more intuitive. Asking more questions about your child’s “imaginary
friend” may reveal that they have actually been playing with a loved one who has passed away.
Songs and Signs: If you have ever been searching through the radio station and suddenly
stopped on one that is playing a song that reminds you of your dearly departed or taken a new
way home from work or got lost only to find yourself staring at a street sign with your deceased
friend’s name on it, then you may have been inadvertently guided to a sign from beyond.
Embrace and enjoy it.
The bottom line is, signs are all around us. If you’re open and aware of them, you will see them.
Our loved ones are here and continue to comfort and guide us. If you’re not sure what you are
experiencing is real or need help being open to these interpretations, I can help. Contact Your
Life’s Direction for an appointment in person or over the phone. Your loved ones are waiting to
hear from you, too.