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Positive Energy in Your Home

Positive Energy in Your Home

Have you been feeling depressed, stuck, or just feeling the need to change something in your life? Try experiencing with the power of Feng Shui. This is an ancient Chinese art of rearranging your home for better energy flow, making it easier for you to apply in your daily life. The best way to start is by creating healthy habits and routines for yourself. Just like nature, the natural world exists according to a series of routines. Consider taking some time of the day to simply meditate and to incorporate easy physical activity, such as yoga or a walk with your dog. It is also very important to create a space to escape from the sensory and stresses of your life. Are you the type of person who finds it hard to begin a project? Try making a “dream board” filled with positive quotes and visual representations of your dreams, goals, and hopes. Then, place the dream board where you can see it multiple times throughout the day.

Cleaning up clutter and getting rid of unnecessary items can easily cleanse negative energy in your life. Set a day to finish half-done chores, such as fixing that leaky faucet in the bathroom, or switching out a burned-out light bulb in the kitchen. This will easily give a sense of success and completion, which eventually will create positive energy flow within the home. After tidying up your space, you can try cleansing the energy by using sage or sandalwood.

If you are stuck indoors most of the day, try bringing the natural elements of nature into your space. This can include water fountains, colorful crystals, bonsai trees, or even pine cones. This will help reconnect you to the earth and its elements. Use natural sunlight by simply opening up the dusty old curtains and opening the windows. This will help illuminate and open up your space, rather than using harsh artificial light. Once you’ve incorporated some Feng Shui in your life, remember it’s an ongoing project.