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Living with Positivity

Sometimes, we find ourselves wondering if there is anything really good left on this planet of ours. At times, it can seem depressing to see all of the recent hostility, anger, and disputes. For most, it may seem like its been awhile since the last time we’ve witnessed some love amongst our society.

A good example would be our recent presidential election. Social media being the evidence, it looks like many friends and families have parted after endless disagreements about who should be our president. With all of the negativity and hatred, it’s hard to celebrate individuality and respect for others. As times like such, we should come together to rejoice that we all have something new, different, and unique to bring to the table.

We all know that not every single person we come across is going to appreciate or support our opinions. Instead, most try to control others and try to persuade them into seeing from their perspective. For some, they feel the need to get frustrated and use hostile language when they cannot influence one’s opinion. Do we still have love and compassion left in our lives? We are never too late to start improving ourselves as a better whole, starting with treating others with respect and kindness. Most people would agree that they can witness this kind of behavior through animals and children. Children and animals tend to display compassion and kindness before they grow up into adults who have been conditioned by the world to not embrace the light or share love. It’s never too late to change the way we treat and view others. We must dedicate ourselves to work hard to deflect the negativity that surrounds us every day, and stay true to ourselves!