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Light Energy Reading

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Everyone carries around an Aura. An Aura is our energy field. The human body was created to work in harmony with our mind and soul. The soul, body, and mind have a strong connection, and they work together throughout our entire life. This energy can be filled and drained like a bucket of water. Sometimes there is a crack in the bucket, and you never seem quite full. Whenever this occurs, it is time to stop and repair what is broken. A light energy reading could patch up parts of you that have been hurt or broken that could have been a result of your upbringing, the end of a chapter in your life, a broken relationship, anxiety and stress, the list could go on.

Staying in Tune with Your Energy

It is important to stay in tune with your energy and know when it is time to recharge. With the help from a Clairvoyant, your path can be made clear. Many people struggle making decisions, or knowing which choice is right for them, but with assistance from James, the right decision is made clear. James has a unique approach when handling each circumstance. Whether it is over a skype video call, or in the reading room, James can tell you what areas of your life have been neglected and need extra attention.

Taking what you have learned from James, you can then move on in life with a clear mind and light heart. There are techniques that you can use throughout your day to help manage your energy and remain positive. When you learn how much your energy affects your everyday, you can understand the people around you better and carry on through life with a new perspective. If you are looking to learn more about the energy you walk around with, or if you simply want answers, contact James today. James is located in San Antonio, but conducts readings all around the world.