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Learning to Love Yourself

They say you have to learn to love yourself before you can love someone else. We hear it all the time, “love yourself.” Most may agree that it’s true! In order to be genuinely happy and fulfilled in life, you must love yourself. It’s not selfishness or self-aggrandizing, it’s necessary for your own mental health and well-being. Putting yourself last or second may have become a habit for you by now. If so, break the habit by putting yourself first before anyone else’s needs. If you’re just passing through and tolerating yourself, it’s time to make a few changes!

1. Forgive to Let Go
You have to learn to forgive yourself for the guilt that haunts your deepest recesses of the mind. Whether it’s stealing a piece of candy when you were 8 years old or something huge, it’s time to let it go. When these negative emotions rise to the surface, give yourself a break and try dropping your shoulders and take big breaths. Visualize yourself breathing out of all the burdens and start with a clean canvas. Picture the space in your heart that has been occupied all of these years with your sorrow and fill it with light.

2. Clean Up Time
Cleaning up after yourself is a part of loving the person you are or becoming. This doesn’t mean just literally, but also figuratively. If you ever feel like there is an outstanding karmic debt, let’s clean it up! If you owe anyone an apology but you’ve been procrastinating to avoid the awkward confrontation, we must stand up to our pride and apologize. Having a hard time putting your feelings into words? You’re not alone. Consider writing down your feelings and apology! Remember to fill yourself with light and positivity.

3. A Little Positivity Can Go a Long Way
By habit, it’s easy for all of us to think the same things over and over again in one day. We might disguise them to believe they are new original thoughts but chances are they aren’t. We as people tend to be “stuck” in the groove of old patterns, memories, and attitudes. If it’s keeping you from bigger and better things, it’s time to let go. Try giving yourself a few personal minutes in your peaceful hideaway. Close your eyes, relax, and place your right hand on your heart, repeating the words “I love myself.” or “I love you.” during your quiet time.