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Intuition: More than just a gut feeling


Intuition is often described as your “gut feeling” that something just isn’t right or that you’re on the right path. You feel an internal pull in or push toward a person or idea. The hair on your neck gets stiff or pressure builds in your ears, your heart races or you feel an instant sense of happiness and relief for no apparent reason.

Psychology Today defines intuition as “a form of knowledge that appears in consciousness without obvious deliberation.”  Even scientific professionals can agree that your intuition comes from unconsciously defining risks or rewards associated with a trigger. This trigger could be a person trying to convince you to do something new, a job offer that may or may not be a good move for you, or an object or environment with good or bad energy.

I had a friend who booked a hotel room for a vacation she was really excited about. When she got there, she took one step into the room and described the air inside as heavy and stale. She had to force herself to walk in further and, while the room was clean and bright, something in her “gut” told her she couldn’t stay there. She returned to the front desk and walked down the street to another hotel to find a room.  She didn’t look into reasons why there may have been bad energy in that room (this was before the internet made those searches so easy), but there was a marked difference in how she felt once at the new hotel.

Psychology credits intuition with the mind’s ability to identify and store patterns. When encountered with new situations, the brain scans the long-term memory for similar identifying factors and deciphers the new visual cues using judgements created by these patterns.  The brain has an inherent need to predict outcomes and make rapid assessments based on subtle cues to help define the intent to help or harm.

Psychically, we are also reading the energy given off by a person or even sometimes an object or location. A person with the intent to harm or deceive us will be radiating negative energy. A person coming from a place of altruism will be sending light, positive energy. This doesn’t mean our intuition isn’t always right, though. We have to learn to balance our historical cues and biases with the energy signals we are reading from the person, place or object that is giving us that niggling feeling.

Before jumping to any conclusion or rush to judgement, it’s important to take a mental step back and ground yourself to identify what is causing your gut feelings. You will need to determine if there are past triggers that relate to this new situation or if this is a wholly new situation. In cases like these, especially where important decisions are involved, a psychic can help. Our empathic abilities can help interpret the energies and tune into the past influencers to help you not only make a better informed decision, but teach you how to separate the past cues from other influencers the next time your intuition kicks in.