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Improving Your Self-Esteem in a Relationship

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Low self-esteem and confidence can easily ruin a healthy relationship. Outsourcing your self-love to your partner can mean the relationship is doomed from the start. There is no way you can have a wholesome, healthy relationship if your sense of worth depends on your partner, whom actually may even reflect you. On the contrary, if both of the partners has a healthy dose of self-esteem, there is a higher chance of the relationship to thrive. For tips on how to improve your confidence during a relationship, check out some of our tips below:

  • Self Talk: Pay attention to how often you put yourself down both around your friends and partners. Instead of looking for someone else to remove your insecurities and fears, take a few moments out of the day to do it for yourself. Look at your own reflection and take notes of all your best features, inside and out. Take some time to think about what makes you unique and different.
  • Never Settle for Anything Less: Maybe you are with your partner because they are attracted and admired by others. You feel the need to hold onto this “god” or “goddess” even though you believe their attributes are superficial. Being with them boosts your confidence. This is a sign of an unhealthy relationship. Instead of relying on someone else to boost your confidence, help yourself to feel better and independent, even without your partner around.
  • Where Did it Come From?: Maybe your lack of confidence started from childhood. Was affection or support lacking in the household? Did you have issues getting along with one or both of your parents? Picture your younger teenager-self and try to reassure yourself that everything is going to be fine and there is nothing to fear. Do the same thing to your present self. Anxiety and fear can be the basis of low confidence.
  • Be Your Own Compass: Become the leader of your own life. Stop relying on others to make decisions for you or tell you what to do. Rather than ask your boyfriend or mother for their opinion, take your next decision by yourself. Believe it or not, you can learn a lot from challenges regardless if the outcome is positive or negative. If you make the wrong choice – remember it is not a big deal. It was a choice you made alone, so self-congratulations are in order!