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How to Connect with Deceased Loved Ones

Take the First Step to Spiritual Connection

No matter when and where, your deceased loved ones are always with you. At times, it can be hard to feel their presence or love for us when our energy is low or when we are in the process of overcoming sadness and grief from our loss.

One common way of helping the healing process if to write a personal letter to your loved ones in spirit. Use this letter as a tool to communicate and express your feelings. Another way of remembering your loved one is to plant a memory garden! You can dedicate this particular space to your loved one by planting their favorite flowers and surroundings. Also, consider spending some time in the memory garden. You can place a bench of a comfy chair in this area so you can share some special moments in this special and sacred place.

Love and Compassion in the Spirit World

Sometimes, your loved ones can send signs, but we just don’t recognize them. For example, a sign of a huge rainbow in the middle of a random day can be a sign from your loved one if they always spoke about rainbows. Another great example is when the radio plays a song you have always enjoyed together with your loved one. Many people think their loved ones pass away and never come back; this is a fear for most people. However, it’s actually the opposite! When you start connecting with your loved ones on a spiritual level, you will start to sense and feel their presence and love.

In many ways, they are still with us. It is just that we need to learn how to communicate with them. By learning how to expand your awareness and allowing your intuitive sense to feel open, you will start to feel your loved ones around you. When we use our natural sixth sense, our world opens up and we are reassured that life really does go on.

Keep in mind your deceased loved ones can also hear you. You are capable of speaking to them in your mind or out loud. Your loved ones can also hear your thoughts and pick up your vibes. They know what truly lies in your heart, sometimes more than you know. Keep in mind that they are aware of what’s going on in your life, and they will be there to support you each step of the way.