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How to Begin a Positive Relationship

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Being familiar with positive energy can forever change your ability to have positive relationships, fight off fatigue and prevent sadness. Have you always looked for strong relationships that can eventually lead to stronger connections? By choosing to make good energy shifts, you can attract more positivity.

You are who you hang out with: The more positive energy one gives off, the more they will receive from the universe. Negativity works in the same way. As you wake up everyday, keep in mind: Passion attracts passion, rage attracts rage.

Follow your intuition: Relationships can be tricky. They can blind us into a big blur even when our eyes are open. We tend to draw quick conclusions and judge a book by it’s cover. To test your intuition, choose a relationship or a certain situation that may need clarification or direction. Are you confused about a relationship or even your upcoming vacation? Do you feel nervous or safe?

Seeing beauty in everything: Rather than seeing the worst or negative trains in a person (or situation), try to focus on positive qualities. Try to remember not to flatter or “over-hype” a person’s personality. Your goal is to start with a clean slate when meeting someone new and give their positive traits a chance by acknowledging his or her assets.