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Getting Closer with Your Higher Self

Getting Closer with Your Higher Self

Have you always tried to be your very best in every scenario of your day? To truly achieve this goal, it’s essential to be connected to your “Higher Self.” You can think of it as your personal “internal navigation system” that helps with guidance at all times. By listening to our intuition and inner guidance, we can achieve anything. Look out and be cautious of vital signs of contact with your Higher Self through:

Repeating Numbers: The frequency of numbers is a common way for the Higher Self to often communicate with us in this particular way. Have you ever found yourself watching tv, coincidentally looking at a random license plate or seeing the time exactly at 11:11 or 3:33? If so, this is certainly a sign the Higher Self is trying to connect with you. The numbers 11:11 often means that you are truly on the right track in life. Should you be lucky to find repeating symbols and shapes such as spirals, circles, or even rainbows, this is a sign of awakening.

Your Inner Voice: It’s often you hear a little voice inside your head when you make every decision, even the smallest ones. This is your Higher Self trying to communicate with you by “speaking” in a voice similar to your own. For instance, you may hear a voice that is cautionary or hesitant when making the wrong move. Whereas, you will hear an encouraging and hopeful voice during a life-enhancing decision.

Vivid Dreams: Do you ever have dreams that feel so real, you wonder if it was truly a dream? Are your dreams becoming more detailed, vivid and clearer? If so, this is a common sign that your Higher Self is awakening. Pay close attention to your dreams, it may help you make the right decisions in life.