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Get Rid of Toxic Energy from Your Home

During your session with a psychic, not only are they reading your energy, they may also be reading the energy of your loved ones, friends, home environment or work. During a psychic reading it can become evident. For instance, a negative home environment can take a downside toll. This type of pollution can sometimes be caused by a physical contaminant. From mildew issue, mold, or a humid feeling, the toxicity may become a physical threat to your health.

Your negative energy can even be transpersonal. For example, someone can be living in your home that carries toxic energy, or even a visitor who left their residue of their negative energy in your home. You can even be carrying other’s energy into their home after working a long shift in a toxic work environment. A common cause is simply due to the poor energy and flow of your home.

How Can I Clear the Bad Energy in My Home?

One of the most effective ways to clear the negative energy of your home or environment is by changing your own energy. Try yoga and meditation! It is a powerful and easy way to make your energy so powerful that you can actually change the energy of any room you’re in.

Get Rid of Toxic Energy

Another effective way to clear the energy of your home is by using sage. You can set sage on fire or in a dish. As it smokes, you can walk from corner to corner saying something in the lines of “I clear the previous energies in this room and will only allow love and positivity to re-enter.” This can be done after every visit from whom does not have a kind, loving energy. It should also be done if someone physically ill enters your home due to sadness, anger or pain that illness may cause.

It may be hard to believe, but color is another way to purify or change the energy of your home. We are more affected by colors than we like to believe. A great way to keep a positive energy in your home is using higher colors like blue, green, white, or purple. Ever wonder why most fast food restaurants use yellow, orange or red for their logo and décor? Studies have shown these three colors stimulate the nervous system, encouraging you to eat faster and consume more.

Try to keep a close look on your energy and emotions. If you have an argument over the phone, take it outside of the house. If you are feeling sad, anxious or angry, try the many great ways to clear out the energy in your home!