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Easiest Way to Meditate

Healing Energy

Mediation is the most cost-friendly and easiest way to ease the restless soul and mind. Meditation is highly recommended for everyone. Not only does meditation offer great benefits for clarity of overall well-being, soul, and mind, it is also a very powerful spiritual tool to help us make better choices throughout our busy lives. However, getting started with meditation practice can be challenging. We often hear our friends and family say they cannot meditate or simply do not have time to meditate. This is very common for all beginners, because, in order to meditate, one must sit still, close their eyes and clear your mind of all thoughts.

Meditation is called a “practice,” because it really does take trials and fails to learn how to properly meditate. Clearing your mind of all thoughts is not an easy goal. If you have the trouble of clearing your mind, try one of the two following ways:

– Guided Meditation: Try meditation by focusing on a visualization or image. This gives your mind the chance to focus on just one thing while you’re moving through meditation. If you get distracted by stressful issues from work or family, you can simply remind yourself to the visualization. Stay with this image to keep you guided and away from unwanted trails of thought.

– Nature Meditation: This can help you readjust your thoughts and the surrounding environment. Consider taking a short walk in the park or a hiking trail. If you’re unable to do so, try the beach or even your own backyard. Take the time to smell the air, the trees, and flowers around you. Focus on the sound of the wind and the trees in the breeze. As you focus on the environment, take a moment to appreciate and thank the magic of nature. You will find yourself feeling lighter and less bothered by uninvited thoughts.

Remember the practice of meditation does not have to take a lot of time. It does not have to be perfect. Start easy with a few minutes at first and allow your practice to grow slowly and naturally. Meditation is meant to bring your focus back to the present moment.