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Declutter Your Life

Choosing what you keep and allow in your life supports a sense of self-control in both life and happiness. If you or someone you know are constantly hoarding things you may never really need, think of it as “cluttering your existence.” Most may agree that a cluttered household or lifestyle may limit one’s personal fulfillment or spiritual growth.

Letting go of all unnecessary clutter is a mental thing. Millions of people around the world are suffering from what professional psychologists are calling ‘hoarding.’ Most hoarders do not realize a pattern in themselves. Cleaning out your closet isn’t just to organize your clothing, it’s actually to clear out your mind.

Clutter or “hoarding” can be defined as keeping excess items that one may never need in the next few years or in their lifetime. In serious cases, some may even rent out additional storage space just to keep everything. Clutter doesn’t mean that something is messy! It can be organized neatly and still be considered “clutter” because it is excess items. Cluttering or “hoarding” can be due to different reasons for each individual. Some may start to hoard excessive items after a life-changing event, such as the death of a loved one, losing a home, or a long divorce. Some hoarders start this particular habit due to learned behavior. No matter the reason, give yourself a chance to let go and overcome the problem. Consider releasing all of your excess mental and physical baggage.