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Dealing with Pain

Dealing with Pain

What is pain? You can view pain like a door. A door that can be used as a tool to help free yourself from any negative energy and oppression that has been stored in your subconscious mind from your past experiences. A popular misunderstanding is that we are supposed to try everything we can to get out of pain. However, if we embrace our pain and grow from it, we can start to see our ego self. Those who have been in pain for awhile can often store their sadness away for years, causing different reactions.

You can try to see pain from a different perspective. Painful or traumatic memories from the past can help you feel more alert than your peers. Physical and emotional pain can be a personal wake-up call. We often become more alert of our reality, our surroundings and our relationships. With the help of becoming more aware, we realize that our relationships are precious and should not be taken for granted. No matter what happens, keep in mind you can always change your perspective on a negative situation. Again, see pain as a door that you can walk through in order to release and let go of the past and enter into a new room of self love and positivity. This does not necessarily mean you should turn a blind eye to any negativity in life or not feel any pain. Pain is the messenger of human nature.