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Clues of Past Life

Have you ever had a “deja-vu” including a place, object or a person you are not familiar with? Have you ever had a strong passion for learning something that seemed familiar and easy? If so, it may be due to a forgotten premonition that you’ve seen in your dreams, or even a past life. Along with past life, reincarnation comes hand in hand. Our uniqueness, personality traits, and lessons learned are taken along with us into our next incarnation (or future life.) A common trait of having a past life is having unusual patterns or habits that have originated from a former life. If you’ve ever had felt or “seen” something familiar at the same place and at the same time? If so, that eerie feeling is called a “deja-vu” – something that has already happened before in a past life.

Our passions and hobbies play a significant role in your past, present and future life. For instance, someone who loves to collect art, that person may have been an artist in a previous life. If you have been curious to find out more about your own past life experiences, try to look out for certain patterns and keep a detailed track of your results, including dreams. Once you’ve got a strong case, consider researching your own habits and where or how it could have originated. It’s important to approach your past lives with an open mind and an opportunity for the impossible. Every life is important and has something to teach us. The reason for our cycle of lives is to grow, learn, and gain enlightenment.

Every soul is connected to others, you are not alone in discovering the journey of the past. Someday in your distant future, you may look back to this moment and wonder what took us so long to learn an important lesson.