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Better Meditation with Colors

Did you know that color therapy can actually enhance and balance your life physically, emotionally, and spiritually? Because individual colors have their unique energy, there are many positive benefits when used the right way.

Meditation is one of the most effective and easiest ways we can truly benefit from colors in our lives. For instance, focusing in on a particular color during meditation can actually aid in keeping your mind focused. Meditation itself can assist you to pull the energy and vibration of whatever specific color you are using, helping you emotionally, physically, spiritually and your aura itself. When working with colors, it’s all about what you wish to achieve from your meditation. Let’s say you want to have a better, more optimistic perspective on life and it’s everyday troubles – in this case, a calming yellow shade or a soft green hue is recommended to bring together the harmony and peace. Keep in mind that darker colors will have a stronger impact, while lighter shades produce a more calming, subtle effect.

Music and color both have the ability to make profound changes in the body chemistry. The brain responds to each and in turn affects hormone levels, and even the strength of the immune system” – Lillian Verner-Bonds

Looking for a way to stimulate your chakras with colors? As you may already know, chakras (energy centers) are stimulated by a variety of colors! If you need to boost a particular chakra, try visualizing its corresponding color while meditating to truly feel the benefits.

What are the Chakra Colors?

  • Base: Red – represents strength and vitality
  • Sacral: Orange – associated with creativity and spontaneity
  • Solar Plexus: Yellow – enhances the development of self-worth
  • Heart: Green – represents love, compassion, and peace
  • Throat: Blue – associated with self-expression and communication
  • Third Eye: Purple – supports self-knowledge and wisdom
  • Crown: Violet – recommended to meditate upon if you are searching for peace or to work on selflessness and compassion