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Benefits of Crystals

Benefits of Crystals

These days, life can seem very demanding and is often challenging us to properly balance our body, mind, and soul. Due to financial responsibilities, keeping up with our social life and hectic work days, it can be easy to forget about spiritual practice. Luckily, the power of genuine crystals can motivate us to work on strengthening our spirituality.

“According to some experts, younger generations are opting for spiritual practices like crystal healing because it allows them to mix elements from multiple faiths and ancient traditions into an individualized spiritual practice.” -Madeleine Thomas

Asking for Guidance Support: If you ever feel the need for positivity or support from your favorite crystal, simply ask for it. For instance, if you’re trying to increase self-control and discipline, simply hold some malachite in one hand and ask for support. Another great suggestion is to carry the crystal in your pocket or a keychain for when you’re out and about.

Connecting with Your Intuition: Do you need help with communicating between yourself and the spirit world? If so, consider using a crystal called charoite. To support your spiritual connection, simply place the crystal under your pillow before sleep. Try to keep a “dream journal” close to your bed and write down any essential messages you may have received during your slumber.

Staying Away from Negative Energy: There is nothing worse than finding yourself in a negative environment during your spiritual journey. Should this be the case, carry a black obsidian crystal with you. You can simply place it by both of your feet and try to visualize the positive energy spreading through the room.

Using a Personal Crystal Bag: A cost-effective and convenient way to keep your favorite crystals at all times is by making a “charm bag.” Fill a small bag with crystals such as fluorite, quartz, and kyanite. You can keep this in your purse, pocket, car, or on your office desk.