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A New Season – A New Beginning

September is the perfect month of new beginnings and endings. It’s time for Summer to end for the beginning of a new season. This is the perfect time to clear out the old and begin with a fresh new start. Prepare for a new cycle and improve areas of your life that may need some help or guidance. When it comes to Numerology, September represents the number 9, which represents transformation. The word “September” comes from the Latin root “septem” – which translates to the number 7, influenced from the Roman calendar. The number 7 carries a very strong spiritual influence, encouraging us to focus more on ourselves and the purpose of life.

Looking back at June and August, we come to realize that it was an extremely emotional couple of months for many people around the world. With two eclipses and our planets in retrograde, it was the perfect time for discovering ourselves. There are lots of shifting and changing taking place, while some things may be left behind the scenes. Take the rest of the year to heighten your intuition and listening to what the Universe trying to tell you. Pay attention to your body and rid of what no longer feels positive. Keep in mind balance is essential when it comes to overcoming additions or indulgence. By investing in your health and mind, you can heal many of your past issues, also with the help of staying motivated. Your overall goal is to create beauty on the inside to bring out your shine outside. September is the perfect month to regain guidance and letting go of your past. Rebuild yourself and get ready for the new opportunities coming your way.