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2017 Solar Eclipse

As you may already know, a rare solar eclipse is on our way. Although it’s an exciting event to occur from coast to coast over our country, some believe the eclipse is a negative spiritual event. A total eclipse is traditionally known as the source of dark energy or a bad sign due to the Sun’s energy being blocked, causing the Earth to go dark for several hours. However, many individuals believe this is a misunderstanding in regards to the actual process of spiritual and energetic attributes of a solar eclipse.

During a solar eclipse, energy is heightened towards the Earth and all human beings, most particularly towards those experiencing a spiritual journey. During this specific time is the ideal time to meditate, think and reflect on personal spiritual practices or rituals. Due to the energy pulling shifts, you will feel the difference, if you give yourself the chance. However, keep in mind there are both positive and negative energies to a solar eclipse. If you are practicing a state of peace, you may experience an enhanced feeling of peace at this time. If you are feeling restless, you may feel a bit more restless. It is highly recommended to be in a relaxing and peaceful space to keep your thoughts, actions and words pure during this event. You can prepare for the upcoming eclipse by taking some time to contemplate what you would like to bring into the world, this includes your lifestyle. Perhaps you are searching for peace, closure with the past or patience.